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Top 15 Fighting Scenes Ever


As usual, a debate in the break-room at work sparks a list from me. A guy trying to explain to me  how the fight between Rocky/Drago was the best fight scene ever (He’s older), got me thinking.

Of course i’m sure to ruffle some feathers with this because a lot of the “karate flick” guys would probably think I should have all martial arts scenes. I, However, am not a big fan of Kung fu films. So, this is a good mixture of nestalgia and fights that I just plain like.

15: Rocky vs Tommy (Rocky 5)

For the sake of argument I didn’t put the Drago fight here. I personally feel like the Rocky fight against Apollo was better than that and this fight better than Apollo. Mostly because this was a street fight.

14: Sherlock Holmes vs Some Ole Dude (Sherlock Holmes 2009)

I like this scene because of the mental fortitude of  Holmes to see the fight moves ahead. (something I think they overplayed in the sequel)

13: Optimus Prime vs Megatron (Transformers The Movie 1986)

Just for nastalgia sake…

12: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul (Star Wars Episode 1)

This was just choreographed well…

11: Mallory Cane vs Kenneth (Haywire)

If you’ve never seen this movie, you are missing out. Gina Carano (MMA fighter) stars in a movie that has some of the most realistic fighting scenes I have ever seen.

Seriously, if you havent seen this, MAKE IT HAPPEN. This very first scene is sick too!

10: Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris (Way of The Dragon)

Again, nastalgia. You really cant make a fighting scene list without the boy Bruce Lee.

9) Mickey vs Gorgeous George (Snatch)

This is one of my favorite Brad Pitt characters (Tyler Durden is my first). Quick fight, but still dope to me.

8) Jackie Chan vs Some Dude and a Taekwondo Dude (Who Am I?)

First of all, I just want to voice that i hate Jackie Chan. He spends all his movies running from people. Stupid. But,this movie, this scene… Fire!

7) Neo vs Agent Smith (Matrix)

This scene changed the game.

6) Beatrix vs Elle (Kill Bill 2)

A lot of people pefer the fight against the Crazy 88’s over this one. I like this one because of the space restraint. Sick.

5) Jason Bourne vs Desh (Bourne Ultimatum)

The Bourne Trilogy changed the game. This series started the trend of heroes being protrayed as realistic and gritty humans. In this scene Bourne whoops dude’s ass with a book and a face towel… so dope.

4) Mad Dod vs The Brothers (Raid Redemption)

This movie is “slept on” a little. Just a real good fight scene. High speed, dope choreography.

3) IP Man vs 10 Black Belts (IP man)

MAN! Just watch… BRUTAL!

2) Dread Pirate Roberts vs Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride)

Another nastalgic pick. Easily in my top picks. Not only were they going toe to toe with great sword play, the were verbally jabbing the whole time.

1) Dude w/ a hammer vs Everyone (Old Boy)

This is my favorite fight scene because of how brutal and realistic it is. If you have never seen this, I highly recomend it. At least see it before the Spike Lee remake comes out. It’s a pretty sick/twisted flick.

Honorable Mentions:

Bruce Leroy vs ShoNuff (Last Dragon)

Spike vs Viscious (Cowboy Bebop)

A Katana vs a gun?!!?

The Protector (Bone break scene)

Why Dark Knight Rises was actually kinda wack… a little bit. (Review)

Understand, it’s not like I disliked it, I’d give it like a 7 or so out of 10. Hell, I still walk around my house saying bane quotes. It drives my wife nuts.

Wife: “you got dishes tonight, I did them last night..”
Me: *Bane voice* “And that gives you power over me?”

I actually thought it was pretty dope the night I saw it on opening weekend- call it “prisoner of the moment” I guess. After seeing it again a couple of times and debating with one of the fellas, things started bothering me. I could be nit-picky or blame it on me being a comic book fanatic, but there are some gaping issues with this movie.

• Bane has an elaborate plot: kidnap a physicist, get Wayne’s fingerprint to make him broke, make him broke, and get the energy source to turn it into a nuke. The issue is all of that was getting carried out around the first hour of the film. Up until Wayne showed Talia the energy source and said “Yes this thing is active”, they had no idea if it worked. They created that whole plan on sheer whim.

• The Stock Exchange. Yeah you could take over some shit at gun point, but I’m sure they would have just reversed all of what Bane did and give Bruce back his money.

• Detective Blake knowing Bruce was Batman because of his smile is a little cheesy.

• My biggest gripe was when Talia is introduced as who she really is then Bane is just turned into a regular thug. See, if you aren’t familiar with Bane in the comics, let me explain who he’s supposed to be. Bane was locked up in a prison, he has Identic Memory, is a genius, a master strategist and tactician, knows like 8 languages, read enough to be a considered a doctor and some type of technical physicist. Since he was well read and knew the human body, he was able to create a workout to maximize his body to its peak and also created his own fighting style. He was supposed to be mentally and physically superior to Batman. During the movie you get that out of his on screen character… until they say “no, this is Talia”. Then the whole movie it becomes her elaborate plan and Bane was just a goon carrying it out. WEAK! It’s the same way they made Phoenix wack in the X-Men movie. One scene she turns Xavier to molecules, then, she just follows Magneto around till the end of the movie. Just silly.

• The way Bane gets killed is pretty anti climatic… He got shot. Wow.

Conclusion: good movie, stupid plot.