Mediafire released on Android.


Finally, you can share your digital stuff straight from the phone. It’s missing a preview function, and I would like to see the details for my item (downloads etc), but, it’s here. Get that.

App Rap (7/26/12)

Another week, another small group of apps that I feel you need by your side to siege the day.

2x Battery:

One of the greatest struggles with having a smartphone is battery life. Especially if you have something with a decent sized screen. Well what people don’t know is a lot of your juice gets drained while your phone is in your pocket.Your social apps are mainly the ones to blame. See, while your phone is sleep, its still sending data back and forth to keep your Twitter or Facebook updated. But I found the solution. When you install 2x, it shuts your data down. You wont get anything but texts and calls until your screen is awakened. It bought me an extra 2 hours per day. Try it out here… Download.

Ringtonium LITE:

I know ringtones are dead for a lot of people but not me. I still like to have notification sounds for my email, texts and what not.

Well peep this gem. This is an app that lets you cut up mp3s to create custom ringtones. Just load the mp3, move the first bar to where you want it to start, move the second to where you want it to end and save. Just like that. Try it out here. Download.

Magic Locker:

Ok, here’s the thing. You bought an Android because you like to have the ability to customize your smartphone to your liking. With every Android that I’ve owned, the one thing that I always get tired of quickly is the unlock screen. I mean sure you can change the picture on it, but don’t you ever look at someone else’s Droid like an HTC and think “That little circle unlock is dope”. Well I got you… This is a lock screen with like 100+ different locks. I’m talking the iPhone slider, the Sense ring, the puzzle thing from the Galaxy 1… Options on options here. Check it out. Download.

App Rap (6/23/12)

This is my on going section that I use to help out my fellow Android users.

Here we go…


Pocket is just a cool little app that lets you save web pages and articles to your phone for offline viewing. I use it being that sometimes its hard to get my 4g to stay consistant enough to load a lot of pages. So… Download.

Dophlin Browser:

I’m not gonna bulls**t you and give you that “this browser is faster” thing. I’m just gonna straight up tell you its just cooler than your stock browser. Get it! It shares page links easy, swipe left to right and your bookmarks are there, and it has “gesture controls”. Meaning you can set it up to swipe a G on the browser and it would go straight to Google search. Try it, you wont turn back. Download.

TSF Shell:

I’m gonna share this little gem I’ve had for a minute.

If you’ve ever gotten tired/bored with your phone, one of the best  things to do to give it life is to install a Launcher. It will change the way your entire home screen looks.

Peep game…

Bad news is, Its like 17$. But there are ways around that. Here’s the legal version Download.

Restore your deleted contacts (Android)

So I was on a Jameson binge last night and somehow, while adding my nieces number, I deleted EVERY SINGLE CONTACT on my phone. After I sat there staring at the phone and searching through my texts to try to put the pieces together (before i send the wrong reply out) I found something. I bestow it on to you…

Your welcome.