“Hello” by Lionel Richie (The greatest stalker song ever written)

So… I was sitting around with a good friend and we were debating about what the greatest love song ever written is in Soul/R&B. I chose  Luther Vandross’s “House is not a Home”. Simply because I translate the lyrics into “girl I love you so much, please break into my house and wait for me”. Straight flames to me. He named “Hello” by Lionel Richie. I had to let him know that track is a stalker anthem. I mean, maybe if I never saw the video as a kid I wouldn’t think Lionel was such a creep. So I showed him the video, but, he still didn’t get it. So, what I did was start the video over and give him some commentary. Tell him what I see when I see it. So why not share that with you too? Let’s go…

  • 0:15- First off. Lionel is the teacher here. His infatuation is a student. This fact alone is grounds to be wierded out by whatever is gonna happen in this video. And I didn’t mention the mustache yet.
  • 1:07- Lionel retires to a corner seat to sing to her
  • 1:13- Lionel (still sitting in the corner) is observing her rubbing a phallic object.
  • 1:22- Lionel sings the “Hello” part of the hook. I’m put off a little with his creepy “coming out to get you” way of singing that.
  • 1:30- Lionel still in the doorway watches the student way to closely. Look at the extra “up and down” look at 1:32. SMH
  • 1:41- Lionel is on the very left of your screen, watching the student at her locker
  • 1:48- I just get a creepy vibe out of the way Lionel turns the corner here. On top of the fact that he’s following her down the hallway.
  • 2:15- Student is alone at lunch. Your boy Lionel is there and about to walk up to her to touch her on some seemingly Hannibal type shit. A group of students approach and he gets scared off.
  • 2:32- He pops up in her dance class to watch. So, at this point, he’s a teacher who is following a student from class to class.
  • 3:32- Student now at home, posted up late at night, reading a good brail book. Your boy Lionel draped in Sexual Deviant attire (sleeveless dress shirt?) calls her and just sits and breathes before saying something. At 2:53, when he does say Hello, he again says it in a real creeped out way. Look at his face. He then just hangs up.
  • 4:34- Another student comes to tell him that something is going on in  the art class.
  • 4:56- The student presents a sculpture of Apollo Creed, I guess it’s supposed to be Lionel. You can’t fault her though, she is blind. Apparently she’s been stalking him also. So the moral is that blind people can stalk people too.
  • 5:14- We get one more jumpy “Hello” from Lionel. Why is he doing that?

There you have it. If you’re like me, you’ll feel different the next time you hear this track. Those pianos will sound a little spooky, that bass rift gonna sound like Jason Voorhees is after you. It’s a stalker’s anthem.p

Top 15 Fighting Scenes Ever


As usual, a debate in the break-room at work sparks a list from me. A guy trying to explain to me  how the fight between Rocky/Drago was the best fight scene ever (He’s older), got me thinking.

Of course i’m sure to ruffle some feathers with this because a lot of the “karate flick” guys would probably think I should have all martial arts scenes. I, However, am not a big fan of Kung fu films. So, this is a good mixture of nestalgia and fights that I just plain like.

15: Rocky vs Tommy (Rocky 5)

For the sake of argument I didn’t put the Drago fight here. I personally feel like the Rocky fight against Apollo was better than that and this fight better than Apollo. Mostly because this was a street fight.

14: Sherlock Holmes vs Some Ole Dude (Sherlock Holmes 2009)

I like this scene because of the mental fortitude of  Holmes to see the fight moves ahead. (something I think they overplayed in the sequel)

13: Optimus Prime vs Megatron (Transformers The Movie 1986)

Just for nastalgia sake…

12: Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn vs Darth Maul (Star Wars Episode 1)

This was just choreographed well…

11: Mallory Cane vs Kenneth (Haywire)

If you’ve never seen this movie, you are missing out. Gina Carano (MMA fighter) stars in a movie that has some of the most realistic fighting scenes I have ever seen.

Seriously, if you havent seen this, MAKE IT HAPPEN. This very first scene is sick too!

10: Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris (Way of The Dragon)

Again, nastalgia. You really cant make a fighting scene list without the boy Bruce Lee.

9) Mickey vs Gorgeous George (Snatch)

This is one of my favorite Brad Pitt characters (Tyler Durden is my first). Quick fight, but still dope to me.

8) Jackie Chan vs Some Dude and a Taekwondo Dude (Who Am I?)

First of all, I just want to voice that i hate Jackie Chan. He spends all his movies running from people. Stupid. But,this movie, this scene… Fire!

7) Neo vs Agent Smith (Matrix)

This scene changed the game.

6) Beatrix vs Elle (Kill Bill 2)

A lot of people pefer the fight against the Crazy 88’s over this one. I like this one because of the space restraint. Sick.

5) Jason Bourne vs Desh (Bourne Ultimatum)

The Bourne Trilogy changed the game. This series started the trend of heroes being protrayed as realistic and gritty humans. In this scene Bourne whoops dude’s ass with a book and a face towel… so dope.

4) Mad Dod vs The Brothers (Raid Redemption)

This movie is “slept on” a little. Just a real good fight scene. High speed, dope choreography.

3) IP Man vs 10 Black Belts (IP man)

MAN! Just watch… BRUTAL!

2) Dread Pirate Roberts vs Inigo Montoya (Princess Bride)

Another nastalgic pick. Easily in my top picks. Not only were they going toe to toe with great sword play, the were verbally jabbing the whole time.

1) Dude w/ a hammer vs Everyone (Old Boy)

This is my favorite fight scene because of how brutal and realistic it is. If you have never seen this, I highly recomend it. At least see it before the Spike Lee remake comes out. It’s a pretty sick/twisted flick.

Honorable Mentions:

Bruce Leroy vs ShoNuff (Last Dragon)

Spike vs Viscious (Cowboy Bebop)

A Katana vs a gun?!!?

The Protector (Bone break scene)

Xbox 360 dash gets a Pizza Hut app (rant)


Xbox announced today that there will be an app released for the dashboard of the 360. From the comfort of your couch you can stop in mid game, go back to the dash and order a pie from Pizza Hut.

Wait, wait, wait…. Look, maybe since I’m an older gamer that has a wife and children (on top of the fact that Pizza Hut is disgusting) I find this stupid. Why, is it so hard to understand that when I fire up my console that I, you know, want to play video games. THAT’S IT! I don’t want web browsers, I don’t want to listen to Pandora. I just want to play video games.

Someone over in the Microsoft offices is losing their mind. Either that or they smoke way to much canibus.


EA posts Madden 25 reveal schedule.


EA Sports has posted the release schedule for the Madden NFL 25 feature playbooks.

SportsNation will reveal the Madden NFL 25 cover athlete, as well as an exclusive video of the Run Free feature Wednesday, April 24th at 8:00 PM EST, on ESPN2.
* Run Free – April 24
* Infinity Engine 2 – April 24
* Connected Franchise Part 1 – May 6
* Connected Franchise Part 2 – May 20
* Madden Share – June 24
* Madden Ultimate Team – July 1
* All-Madden Team – July 8