Naruto Shippunden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Review)


So I admit that I haven’t really watched the anime series. I started the first season of Shippuden and never finished, not that it wasn’t good, but being behind on a series by 500 episodes gets intimidating. Almost feels like you’re drowning. My only accurate way to see the story of Naruto is this game series. So I basically see this game as a “Visual Novel” so to speak.

UNS3 doesn’t stray to far from the formula from the other entries. If you’ve played either of the two Ultimate Ninja Storms or the other two Naruto games (the ones when he’s younger) you know what to expect. There are lots of cut scenes, huge boss battles.  New this time is the  “mob battles” where you fight multiple enemies at once.

A plus for me was the roster having 80 fighters to chose from after unlocking everyone. Which is pretty dope if you want to just play this as a stand alone fighting game. The fighting mechanic isn’t super deep but if you spend some time with it, it’ll be worth your effort.


My only real complaints about this game is that I didn’t like how the fighting felt a little slower from Generations. There just seems to be just a little bit of urgency lost when you’re fighting. Another thing is the camera seems pulled back a bit. Again, In Generations, when the to fighters got closer the camera zooms in some and makes it feel epic. This might be another place where the urgency is lost.


As always, I rate games by how much I would spend on them used. If you are a Naruto fan this is a must own, Full price purchase. The huge roster alone promotes that. But if you aren’t and just want a budget fighter, give it some time and grab it when it’s like $30-$35. Being between both of these I would be cool with grabbing this at around $45-$50


Tomb Raider (2013 review)

Tomb Raider Render March 2013

Stop reading this and go buy this game! Serious!

No wait, hold up. Look, if you’re expecting the old platform jumping Lara, don’t waste you’re time. If you wanted that Lara back that was doing hand stands on platforms and somersaults, stay home. But if you want to usher in a 2013 Lara, a gritty heroin that’s mowing down dudes in the dark with a bow and arrow like Rambo…  push your chips forward.

Basically this is a total reboot of the franchise. You control Lara before she even becomes a “tomb raider”. She’s not a super hero, she’s not a one liner spitting assh*le. Just a woman trying to survive.

What I liked:

  • It has RPG elements to the gameplay, you get experience points for hunting that give you different perks
  • The cinematic. There are a lot of cut scenes and QT events but I didn’t mind (pay attention Capcom).
  • Graphics were really impressive
  • Later in the game when you’re able to get the rope arrow, you’ll feel compelled to go back and explore where you couldn’t reach earlier. Almost like a Metroid kind of feel
  • the climbing/platforming element is really smooth and you feel weighted. It’s like Assassin Creed but done better
  • It’s not exactly open world but you really can’t tell. You do actually feel like you’re exploring the island freely

What I didn’t like:

  • My only complaint was that I would like to control the crouching and cover myself. The game does it for you pretty well but I just like to do these things myself.

In Conclusion:

As always, I rate games by how much i would spend on them used (or brand new if it’s a perfect score). I would get this brand new. Re-exploring the island for all the collectibles and they also threw in a multiplayer gives this title some replay value.

The Walking Dead (The Video Game) Review


If you are looking for some type of first or third person shooter where you get to shoot zombies with various weapons, move right past this when you go to the game store. But, lets say you are a strong supporter of dark writing and grim story, look no further.

Like I said before it is not a shooter. It’s a point and click puzzle game. Puzzle, as in you have to figure out how to use found items to say,  get the train to work, or, how to get inside an abandoned train stop. This game actually ends up playing out more like an interactive movie than anything else. I actually found myself more into this story than the actual television show. Reason being is because of the decision making aspect. You have to choose your dialog response (ala Mass Effect) to interact with the other characters.  What separates this from Mass Effect is that they added a “panic timer”. You only have a few seconds to respond. This coupled with the fact that your decisions carry over from chapter to chapter. Two people could play this game and have different experiences.

I don’t want to spoil any of the story so to put it plain and simple, this is a must play. Rent it, buy it… SOMETHING. I beat it a week ago and I’m still sad about the ending. SMH.


007 Legends Review

So apparently the plan going into creating this game was to have a Bond game that showcased all the classic Bonds so you could experience your favorite movies.

Yea…. That didn’t happen.

What you end up with is a game that starts off in a scene from Skyfall where Craig gets injured. He gets shot by his partner and falls off a moving train into a river or something. We (as an audience) experience the other Bond films through his flashbacks. Not only does this destroy  the “Bond Geek” theory that James Bond is a code name and not a single person through out all the movies, it’s just incredibly stupid. They try to modernize the movie plots by making it present day. For example during the Goldfinger story, you pull out a smartphone. Daniel Craig isn’t even voicing this game. It just makes things weird.

The gunplay is basically  summed up as COD with Bond stuck on top of it. The enemy models are repeated. They also try to include a stealth mechanic that is actually pretty stupid. You can’t move the bodies, so if a guard spots it, you’re in a firefight.

The boss battles are HORRIBLE. You end up having a QTE boxing match with them. All of them.

The only bright spot in the game is the split screen multiplayer. It’s done pretty well actually. They stuck the gun configuration from COD in there.


I would buy this in the discount bin at maybe $20. It would be for the split screen alone.

NBA 2k13 Review

Dear EA,

Just give it up on the basketball thing…

Thanks, NBA Live Fan.

The moment you fire up 2k13 and that Public Announcement by Jay-Z starts playing you get hype…

Once again, when you think they can’t possibly do more, 2K adds on and creates another banger. This year they opted to switch the controls around and make the Right Stick the “Dribble Stick”. With this you get better/simplistic control of crossovers and iso movement. The Shot Stick is still there, you just hold Left Trigger and your’re right back at it. Also, my favorite implement is the introduction of a flop system. I know, I know… It’s cheap. I just feel like it’s something they needed to add to create a more sim feel. I been hoping for this for a few years.

Peep it…

They even threw the OG Dream Team on there so you can see who would win between them and the 12′ Olympic team.


With that, just go pick it up. It’s worth paying full price.

Dead or Alive 5 (review)


I’ve been a fan of DOA since 96′ when it first hit the arcades. It’s come a long way since fighting on that little square.

I’m gonna keep this simple. DOA5 is sick. If you are a fan get it. Period.

The Pros:

  • It’s beautiful, the frame rate is incredible. Again, a great case where motion blur is used and it conveys speed really well
  • The new interactive environments are great. I do miss the stairwell from 4 but believe me they make up for it
  • The new characters. Mila, a MMA fighter, shoots (a spearing tackle) and everything. She also kinda reminds me of the girl from Haywire. Rig, DOA’s first Taekwondo artist.
  • Side-Stepping. This was probably the only 3d fighter without it. Glad they finally added it.
  • The universal countering system. This is something, to me, that makes this better than Tekken. Everyone being able to counter just deepens the fighting mechanics. Plus, since the game is a lot faster, the window for countering is smaller. That adds some spice to the game play.

Gina Carano? hmmmmmm


  • The Virtua Fighter characters. I don’t know. They seem a little out of place. They don’t look as smooth as the other characters. During the story mode they have really bad voice recordings, like, they sound like they’re in a can.
  • The story mode. It’s so corny. That last Mortal Kombat was the only fighter to successfully pull off a good story mode. I mean, I get it, they just want us to see how different everyone is…
  • The “Tittie Jiggle”, c’mon man, I’m not 13… I just kinda wish they would quit pushing this on me. I mean,during gameplay, that’s cool. But do we have to have all the Halloween costumes with missing pieces?
  • The new interactive environments. So, I can get blown up by a gas tank and then get back up to get knocked out by a punch? Some of the stuff in the Danger Zones are just cheesy. Some.
  • I really miss some of the outfits from DOA4. Where’s Zack’s Teletubbie fit? Bayman’s beret?

Oh Word? With the bunny ears on?

In conclusion. DOA5 is worth the price of admission. I would hit it up for the retail price $60. The only reason why you wouldn’t is because you own Tekken Tag 2.

Sidenote: I got chewed out by a friend for saying this but…. Tekken Tag 2 gets a slight edge over this to me. Let’s be clear. These are the two fighters up for fighter of the year (Honorable mention:Persona 4). But I give the edge to Tekken for having the ability to customize all the characters clothes and having custom music. It also has a larger roster. DOA5 has 24 and Tekken has close to 70 (guessing). When you sit down with friends and play a fighter, the number of fighters determines how long it takes before you get bored. I’m just saying…

Resident Evil 6 (Review)


RIP Resident Evil… October 2, 2012


I feel like this, if Capcom wanted to make this a 3rd person Adventure/Shooter, then it has to be graded accordingly. If you stack this next to Gears, Spec Ops, Splinter Cell etc… It’s terrible. Even if you put it back in the Survival Horror category (which this franchise created) next to Dead Space or hell, even Silent Hill, it fails.

For me, the issues started immediately after I fired up the game. I know the story for this series has never been mind-blowing or anything but I really felt like I was losing IQ points during the cut-scenes. It was riddled with bland textures. The voice overs were out of sync. Why, if I’m playing alone, do I still have a partner. I haven’t liked that idea since RE Zero.

Then you start getting into the game play. The QTE’s totally take away from the little bit of action that you do get on screen. How the designers figured we wanted to play a Shenmue styled shooter, I just don’t understand. You literally can’t get into any kind of game flow because it feels like you’re getting yanked out of it every couple of minutes to mash a button. I know RE4 had QTE in it but it never felt this nerve racking. Couple that with the skill upgrade system. After killing zombies, they drop skill points and ammo. You use the skill points to upgrade your characters perks. The whole thing  just makes me feel like I’m playing a 3rd person version of Left for Dead (I am NOT a fan of LFD). There is also a cover system thrown in. It honestly, to me, feels un-needed. I ended up just playing without it.

I feel like this game (much like Marvel vs Capcom 3) is suffering from Capcom trying to dumb it down for a more casual audience. I still feel like RE4 was the last good game in this series.

In conclusion. Normally I rate games by how much I would pay for them used, with full priced/brand new being the highest grade. I would only get this if it $15 in the bargain bin. BUT… I think if you enjoyed RE5, this might just be the sequel for you. In my home, it is a coaster.