About me…

Welcome to StuckButton,

What I decided to create here was a review site for the common person.

I’ve been wanting to be a reviewer since I was a teen, so you can say its a dream of mine. My friends and I have always talked about something like this, and I’ve decided to go ahead push the button on it.

We would sit around and drink and I would always talk about how I hated movie critics. They graduate from these schools with journalism degrees and start critiquing movies, but they only give the “thumbs up” to dramas and what not. Hell, they rate kids films and I feel that’s unjust. Why not take some children with you to the movie and take their opinion into account? The whole system is just messy to me. No disrespect to the people with said degree. I just don’t understand why a guy who hasn’t read a comic, is giving an opinion on a comic book adaptation. You’re not familiar with the source material. We had the same conversation about movies like The Last Air Bender. I never saw the series so I could only judge it as a film. Had I saw it or been a fan, I probably would feel different. Of course when I told people what I thought I would tell them “Yo, I never saw the series, if you liked that, it’s probably good”.

I feel the same with these game sites. Most of the reviews are based on politics or writers just trying to rush a review out. Secondly, we have no idea what type of games the guy who is reviewing even likes. Well lets change the system.

I guess I should speak on myself. First of all if you can’t tell from my sentence structure, i am IN NO WAY an experienced writer. I pretty much plan on writing for this site the same way I talk but with proper spelling. I’m just a very opinionated guy with a big personality. I watch lots of movies (indi, foreign) and anime. Play quite a few video games, and listen to a WHOLE lot of hip-hop. Rock with me.


Your thoughts?

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