Xbox 360 dash gets a Pizza Hut app (rant)


Xbox announced today that there will be an app released for the dashboard of the 360. From the comfort of your couch you can stop in mid game, go back to the dash and order a pie from Pizza Hut.

Wait, wait, wait…. Look, maybe since I’m an older gamer that has a wife and children (on top of the fact that Pizza Hut is disgusting) I find this stupid. Why, is it so hard to understand that when I fire up my console that I, you know, want to play video games. THAT’S IT! I don’t want web browsers, I don’t want to listen to Pandora. I just want to play video games.

Someone over in the Microsoft offices is losing their mind. Either that or they smoke way to much canibus.



2 responses to “Xbox 360 dash gets a Pizza Hut app (rant)

  1. You can’t deny how ingenious it is from a business perspective, though. Pizza Hut is going to make BANK. Plus, Microsoft is pushing super hard for the Xbox to be your one-stop shop for all your media needs, one of which is usually snacking on something inedible while you watch a marathon of your favorite TV show or something. *shrug I’m personally saddened that we’re so fat as a nation that this is a thing, but I give a polite golf clap to how much money everyone involved (except the player) is going to make from this.

    • True. From a hustler stand point this is absolute brilliance. I just feel like they are just making the Xbox gimmicky this way. Smart Glass/this/Bing…. Useless when you think about how many people are walking around with this stuff in their pocket already. I support Netflix and ESPN, stuff that i would get a better experience on my TV with, but this other crap just sounds silly (to me). Again, I’m older, I’m probably doing the “old man angrily shuffling his loafers” thing. Lol.

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