Tomb Raider (2013 review)

Tomb Raider Render March 2013

Stop reading this and go buy this game! Serious!

No wait, hold up. Look, if you’re expecting the old platform jumping Lara, don’t waste you’re time. If you wanted that Lara back that was doing hand stands on platforms and somersaults, stay home. But if you want to usher in a 2013 Lara, a gritty heroin that’s mowing down dudes in the dark with a bow and arrow like Rambo…  push your chips forward.

Basically this is a total reboot of the franchise. You control Lara before she even becomes a “tomb raider”. She’s not a super hero, she’s not a one liner spitting assh*le. Just a woman trying to survive.

What I liked:

  • It has RPG elements to the gameplay, you get experience points for hunting that give you different perks
  • The cinematic. There are a lot of cut scenes and QT events but I didn’t mind (pay attention Capcom).
  • Graphics were really impressive
  • Later in the game when you’re able to get the rope arrow, you’ll feel compelled to go back and explore where you couldn’t reach earlier. Almost like a Metroid kind of feel
  • the climbing/platforming element is really smooth and you feel weighted. It’s like Assassin Creed but done better
  • It’s not exactly open world but you really can’t tell. You do actually feel like you’re exploring the island freely

What I didn’t like:

  • My only complaint was that I would like to control the crouching and cover myself. The game does it for you pretty well but I just like to do these things myself.

In Conclusion:

As always, I rate games by how much i would spend on them used (or brand new if it’s a perfect score). I would get this brand new. Re-exploring the island for all the collectibles and they also threw in a multiplayer gives this title some replay value.


2 responses to “Tomb Raider (2013 review)

  1. I really enjoyed this game but also missed the older games bigger focus on challenging platforming and puzzles. I hope in the sequel those elements get a bit more focus. In general it was just too easy but I still had a lot of fun.

    • I might have been slightly brash in my review. I did think TR1 was a classic. And I rather enjoyed Underworld. But I’m really pleased with this entry. Its kinda like how Nolan stepped in and grounded Batman in somewhat reality. That’s the facelift I think they went with here and I’m pretty happy. I mean, this game is almost a survival horror. I would like to see puzzle solving introduced though…

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