Naruto Shippunden:Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 (Review)


So I admit that I haven’t really watched the anime series. I started the first season of Shippuden and never finished, not that it wasn’t good, but being behind on a series by 500 episodes gets intimidating. Almost feels like you’re drowning. My only accurate way to see the story of Naruto is this game series. So I basically see this game as a “Visual Novel” so to speak.

UNS3 doesn’t stray to far from the formula from the other entries. If you’ve played either of the two Ultimate Ninja Storms or the other two Naruto games (the ones when he’s younger) you know what to expect. There are lots of cut scenes, huge boss battles.  New this time is the  “mob battles” where you fight multiple enemies at once.

A plus for me was the roster having 80 fighters to chose from after unlocking everyone. Which is pretty dope if you want to just play this as a stand alone fighting game. The fighting mechanic isn’t super deep but if you spend some time with it, it’ll be worth your effort.


My only real complaints about this game is that I didn’t like how the fighting felt a little slower from Generations. There just seems to be just a little bit of urgency lost when you’re fighting. Another thing is the camera seems pulled back a bit. Again, In Generations, when the to fighters got closer the camera zooms in some and makes it feel epic. This might be another place where the urgency is lost.


As always, I rate games by how much I would spend on them used. If you are a Naruto fan this is a must own, Full price purchase. The huge roster alone promotes that. But if you aren’t and just want a budget fighter, give it some time and grab it when it’s like $30-$35. Being between both of these I would be cool with grabbing this at around $45-$50


Your thoughts?

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