WWE 13 (late) Review


So…. If you follow this site you know it’s been a minute since I wrote a review. Well, published one. I actually started around 4 reviews but spent a lot of time playing WWE 13’.
I mean, it’s not like I’m a huge wrestling fan these days. I was a huge one when I was a kid. Got back into it in the late 90’s-mid 00s. Now days, not so much. I watch off and on. I was able to watch the infamous “Pipe Bomb” night of CM Punk’s earlier last year. I am kind of plugged in to wrestling still because I’ve been a huge fan of the video games since No Mercy on N64. Every system I’ve owned, I must have a wrestling game.
The thing about playing wrestling games is the weird teeter on if it’s a fighting game or a sports sim. My opinion is that if it doesn’t have a block button, it’s not a fighter. That usually turns non wrestling fans off. The WWE games made by Yukes have a countering system in place. There is no blocking. You have to hit the right trigger in a timely manner. Either, counter a punch as it lands, or counter at a certain time during a grapple move.
Yukes really improved on the engine this year in my opinion. The addition of the “OMG moments” is pretty cool. You get to spear someone through the barricade, or two Ultra heavy weights can break the ring with a superplex. Another great addition this year is the addition of the “catch finishers”. Now, when you’re on the mat and someone goes to do a move off the top rope, you can spring up and catch them in midair to do your finisher.

The main sale point this year is the Attitude Era. You relive some of the pivotal points of late 90s-mid 00s story telling. If you are an older fan like me, it’s pretty cool to play through. Especially because I missed some of this stuff because I was watching WCW at the time. You have to play through this mode to unlock all the wrestlers and other features of the game.
To me, the glory and replay of the game is in the Creation Suite and the Universe mode. In the Creation Suite you get to create your own 50 wrestlers. From entrances to movesets to the way they look. Most people use this to create themselves in-game. I use it to create 50 wrestlers from my youth like The Great Muta or Sting. You can even go on Live to Community Creations and download other people’s work. Then there is the Universe mode where it’s pretty much a “franchise” mode. You go through an unlimited WWE calendar where you watch the wrestlers go through feuds and even play through the Pay Per Views every month. Everything is fully customizable. If you want… delete Raw and Smackdown and create a Monday Night Nitro show.

The Verdict:
As usual, I rate games by how much I would be willing to pay for them used. I honestly feel this is worth full price. The Universe mode provides endless hours of gameplay if you’re into wrestling like that.
I spend so much time creating the older wrestlers that when my wife catches me playing, she peeks in the room and says, “Playing dress-up again, huh?” SMH.


Your thoughts?

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