The Walking Dead (The Video Game) Review


If you are looking for some type of first or third person shooter where you get to shoot zombies with various weapons, move right past this when you go to the game store. But, lets say you are a strong supporter of dark writing and grim story, look no further.

Like I said before it is not a shooter. It’s a point and click puzzle game. Puzzle, as in you have to figure out how to use found items to say,  get the train to work, or, how to get inside an abandoned train stop. This game actually ends up playing out more like an interactive movie than anything else. I actually found myself more into this story than the actual television show. Reason being is because of the decision making aspect. You have to choose your dialog response (ala Mass Effect) to interact with the other characters.  What separates this from Mass Effect is that they added a “panic timer”. You only have a few seconds to respond. This coupled with the fact that your decisions carry over from chapter to chapter. Two people could play this game and have different experiences.

I don’t want to spoil any of the story so to put it plain and simple, this is a must play. Rent it, buy it… SOMETHING. I beat it a week ago and I’m still sad about the ending. SMH.



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