NBA 2k13 Review

Dear EA,

Just give it up on the basketball thing…

Thanks, NBA Live Fan.

The moment you fire up 2k13 and that Public Announcement by Jay-Z starts playing you get hype…

Once again, when you think they can’t possibly do more, 2K adds on and creates another banger. This year they opted to switch the controls around and make the Right Stick the “Dribble Stick”. With this you get better/simplistic control of crossovers and iso movement. The Shot Stick is still there, you just hold Left Trigger and your’re right back at it. Also, my favorite implement is the introduction of a flop system. I know, I know… It’s cheap. I just feel like it’s something they needed to add to create a more sim feel. I been hoping for this for a few years.

Peep it…

They even threw the OG Dream Team on there so you can see who would win between them and the 12′ Olympic team.


With that, just go pick it up. It’s worth paying full price.

Your thoughts?

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