007 Legends Review

So apparently the plan going into creating this game was to have a Bond game that showcased all the classic Bonds so you could experience your favorite movies.

Yea…. That didn’t happen.

What you end up with is a game that starts off in a scene from Skyfall where Craig gets injured. He gets shot by his partner and falls off a moving train into a river or something. We (as an audience) experience the other Bond films through his flashbacks. Not only does this destroy  the “Bond Geek” theory that James Bond is a code name and not a single person through out all the movies, it’s just incredibly stupid. They try to modernize the movie plots by making it present day. For example during the Goldfinger story, you pull out a smartphone. Daniel Craig isn’t even voicing this game. It just makes things weird.

The gunplay is basically  summed up as COD with Bond stuck on top of it. The enemy models are repeated. They also try to include a stealth mechanic that is actually pretty stupid. You can’t move the bodies, so if a guard spots it, you’re in a firefight.

The boss battles are HORRIBLE. You end up having a QTE boxing match with them. All of them.

The only bright spot in the game is the split screen multiplayer. It’s done pretty well actually. They stuck the gun configuration from COD in there.


I would buy this in the discount bin at maybe $20. It would be for the split screen alone.


Your thoughts?

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