Jordan 28 Unavailing


Yesterday at an “invite only’ conference the Jordan 28’s were unveiled. This is a step up from the last three years of releases. I haven’t liked any since the 24’s came out.  I’m digging the new ambigram 23 symbol. I’m kind of torn on the sock-like upper though. My wife has been calling it a “calf condom” since I showed it to her. I’m not detoured, I actually might grab these. I’d like to see what the other colorways will be  used.


air-jordan-xx8-02-630x472 air-jordan-xx8-05-630x472 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-1 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-2 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-3 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-4 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-7 Air-Jordan-XX8-28-2013-Unveiled-8


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