Resident Evil 6 (Review)


RIP Resident Evil… October 2, 2012


I feel like this, if Capcom wanted to make this a 3rd person Adventure/Shooter, then it has to be graded accordingly. If you stack this next to Gears, Spec Ops, Splinter Cell etc… It’s terrible. Even if you put it back in the Survival Horror category (which this franchise created) next to Dead Space or hell, even Silent Hill, it fails.

For me, the issues started immediately after I fired up the game. I know the story for this series has never been mind-blowing or anything but I really felt like I was losing IQ points during the cut-scenes. It was riddled with bland textures. The voice overs were out of sync. Why, if I’m playing alone, do I still have a partner. I haven’t liked that idea since RE Zero.

Then you start getting into the game play. The QTE’s totally take away from the little bit of action that you do get on screen. How the designers figured we wanted to play a Shenmue styled shooter, I just don’t understand. You literally can’t get into any kind of game flow because it feels like you’re getting yanked out of it every couple of minutes to mash a button. I know RE4 had QTE in it but it never felt this nerve racking. Couple that with the skill upgrade system. After killing zombies, they drop skill points and ammo. You use the skill points to upgrade your characters perks. The whole thing  just makes me feel like I’m playing a 3rd person version of Left for Dead (I am NOT a fan of LFD). There is also a cover system thrown in. It honestly, to me, feels un-needed. I ended up just playing without it.

I feel like this game (much like Marvel vs Capcom 3) is suffering from Capcom trying to dumb it down for a more casual audience. I still feel like RE4 was the last good game in this series.

In conclusion. Normally I rate games by how much I would pay for them used, with full priced/brand new being the highest grade. I would only get this if it $15 in the bargain bin. BUT… I think if you enjoyed RE5, this might just be the sequel for you. In my home, it is a coaster.


4 responses to “Resident Evil 6 (Review)

  1. I can’t stop laughing fam!!! Laughter aside, you make some solid points. I’ve always been taken by the depth of the storyline. It took you forward by uncovering secrets from the past; thus leading up to present day Racoon city. Code Veronica really optimistic about the plot; especially after the game system transition. It’s sad to hear that it led to this. Clues to the mainstream of RE came with the movie franchise. Like the game, I was excited when part one followed the same direction; uncovering secrets by revisited the past (flashbacks can still be annoying tho). The cheesy vocals were evident in part 2 (movie). War saw this, but I didn’t want to see the comic relief of Mike Epps. But after the third movie dropped, I was through. Even though the ending was a spec of a cliffhanger, I don’t think I can sit through more cheesy one-liners (or death scenes) just to get to the conclusion. No patience here. But I feel you on Capcom dumbing it down. We have the movies to thank for that. Doesn’t make sense though. The story is so complex that the sequence of the games had to be broken down on a timeline. Bottomline, I may have to play it eventually; seeing that I played the others, but I won’t expect much….same as the movies. Good look yo

    • No Prob. Hopefully you enjoy it. I was disappointed. When I read that it featured 3 story lines I thought they was gonna set things right… Nope.
      And I won’t even BEGIN to complain about the movies… One was good, the rest, not so much. Actually if you are looking for good Resident movies I highly recommend the two CG movies Capcom put out.
      RE: Degeneration


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