Dead or Alive 5 (review)


I’ve been a fan of DOA since 96′ when it first hit the arcades. It’s come a long way since fighting on that little square.

I’m gonna keep this simple. DOA5 is sick. If you are a fan get it. Period.

The Pros:

  • It’s beautiful, the frame rate is incredible. Again, a great case where motion blur is used and it conveys speed really well
  • The new interactive environments are great. I do miss the stairwell from 4 but believe me they make up for it
  • The new characters. Mila, a MMA fighter, shoots (a spearing tackle) and everything. She also kinda reminds me of the girl from Haywire. Rig, DOA’s first Taekwondo artist.
  • Side-Stepping. This was probably the only 3d fighter without it. Glad they finally added it.
  • The universal countering system. This is something, to me, that makes this better than Tekken. Everyone being able to counter just deepens the fighting mechanics. Plus, since the game is a lot faster, the window for countering is smaller. That adds some spice to the game play.

Gina Carano? hmmmmmm


  • The Virtua Fighter characters. I don’t know. They seem a little out of place. They don’t look as smooth as the other characters. During the story mode they have really bad voice recordings, like, they sound like they’re in a can.
  • The story mode. It’s so corny. That last Mortal Kombat was the only fighter to successfully pull off a good story mode. I mean, I get it, they just want us to see how different everyone is…
  • The “Tittie Jiggle”, c’mon man, I’m not 13… I just kinda wish they would quit pushing this on me. I mean,during gameplay, that’s cool. But do we have to have all the Halloween costumes with missing pieces?
  • The new interactive environments. So, I can get blown up by a gas tank and then get back up to get knocked out by a punch? Some of the stuff in the Danger Zones are just cheesy. Some.
  • I really miss some of the outfits from DOA4. Where’s Zack’s Teletubbie fit? Bayman’s beret?

Oh Word? With the bunny ears on?

In conclusion. DOA5 is worth the price of admission. I would hit it up for the retail price $60. The only reason why you wouldn’t is because you own Tekken Tag 2.

Sidenote: I got chewed out by a friend for saying this but…. Tekken Tag 2 gets a slight edge over this to me. Let’s be clear. These are the two fighters up for fighter of the year (Honorable mention:Persona 4). But I give the edge to Tekken for having the ability to customize all the characters clothes and having custom music. It also has a larger roster. DOA5 has 24 and Tekken has close to 70 (guessing). When you sit down with friends and play a fighter, the number of fighters determines how long it takes before you get bored. I’m just saying…


6 responses to “Dead or Alive 5 (review)

  1. Good review, though for me this is much easier to play with a friend than Tekken, especially with one who is new to fighters. The combat feels a lot slicker too, though further customisation would have been a bonus. If you’re on PS3 with DOA5, drop me a message and we shall duel, good sir. I’ll probably lose, though!

    • Thank you Sir.
      True, the learning curve for DOA is much more forgiving. For me though, the bigger roster grabs my attention. I really feel like this and TTT2 are 1A/1B right now…
      I’m sorry, I’m on 360. I’ll show some humility and say “I’m OK at it”, Lol.

      • The roster is pretty crazy on TTT2! I’ve only had a jam over a friend’s place, but I’m no good at it. Always was rubbish at Tekken… and most other fighters. I’m no good at DOA5 either, but it’s awesome! It’s got ninjas and stuff!

  2. Also, you can unlock a lot of DOA4 outfits, including Bayman’s beret. Not sure about Zack’s “cyber coco” outfit, though. He’s one of the few characters I hate.

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