Madden 13 Review

That time of year again. FOOTBALL SEASON. For a Kansas City man such as myself, that means bar-b-q (we actually will bar-b-q all year round, f*** snow), Tail-gating, point spreads and the newest copy of Madden. Hell, my friends and I have christian-ed it a week long holiday called “The Madden Festival”. Like every year, there are a lot of people who cry about Madden being “the same game” or a “glorified roster update”. This year, EA tried to implement a new physics engine called the Infinity Engine. I’m positive this is an attempt to kind of copycat the Euphoria engine used in the 2010 football game Backbreaker. In my opinion, it’s on the fence between a good attempt and nose dive. Let me explain… What they tried to do was create an engine so that on field action would not be canned animations. At times you notice it shine. You go over the top with a RB, get nicked, and get sent helicopter spinning in the air. There are times when you’re coming through the middle and you’re bouncing of defenders, stumbling getting low to the ground and fighting to stand up right. But then there’s the OTHER stuff that happens… You can be coming around the Tackle on a sweep and barely graze him, but your RB will just go limp and faceplant. It looks almost like he got shot in the back of the head while running away. Then their are times when a two-on-one tackle goes down, and a third defender comes in late, hits the pile and just goes rag-doll to the ground. I found an example…

Smh. So yea, at times, the physics engine…. defies the laws of physics.

There’s also the addition of  Nantz and Simms for the play-by-play commentary. Basically overhauling the presentation and HUD to have a CBS feel. I just want to say that I hope Gus comes back next year. These two are coma enducing. Aside from that the presentation is pretty dope. The pre-game match-up screen animations are nice. New Nike uniforms are intact, and even all the throwbacks (I thought EA would try to stick us for throwbacks this year).

Control wise, I like some things that they did. The biggest thing that sticks out to me is the WR icon system that they borrowed from NCAA 13. If your receiver isn’t ready for the ball while running a route, the icon stays transparent. You have to wait till its solid to throw to him. This causes you to show some pocket poise or move outside of the pocket to buy some time for routes to develop.

All in all, I still have fun with it. So my final verdict is, if you are a huge football/Madden fan like me, get it. If you’re a casual guy whojust wants a football game, steer clear. Ncaa might actual be a better total package than Madden this year.


Your thoughts?

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