Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Review

If you read my List of  Top Ten Fighting Games you know I’m not a huge Tekken fan, but I did have a little fun with Tekken 6. It had a big roster. In my circle of friends, that can be the difference in playing a fighter for an hour, or pulling an all nighter…

Then enters Tekken Tag  Tournament 2.

First things first its a lot more polished than Tekken 6. At times I felt 6 looked grainy/blocky. This entry is very smooth, fighters look big as hell and the backgrounds are beautiful. I’m really digging the trend of the HD motion blur(Madden/Ncaa 13 implemennted it this year also). I like the way it coveys speed.

It boasts a 50+ roster which includes old and new characters. I was pretty happy that Bob and Lars made the cut.

The controls are typical of Tekken. The RB/LB buttons are used to tag.

The ability to customize the wardrobe has been included. You can equip the fighters with gear and even weapons that give a fighter an extra move. I have one small complaint here, the menu for that mode real sucks. You have to go in and out of selections just to customize one character for multiple looks.

It’s actually stacked when it comes to play modes. Survival, VS  and Arcade make up the typical fighting game modes. Then there’s the Fight lab that pretty much has is a tutorial mode with weird Namco storyline that teaches you how to play. Ghost Mode lets you download a friends AI to play against offline.

All in all. It’s solid as hell. If you like fighting games you should check it out. I recommend this even if you hate Tekken. It made me give away my copy of 6.


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