Letter to Tony Gonzalez (guest blogger Blaze)

My dude Blaze came through to share his thoughts on the Gonzalez home-coming…

Dear Mr Gonzalez,

I first want to congratulate you on a season opening win with the Falcons. It couldn’t be easy after going on record saying this will be your final season playing football. I imagine the validity of your declaration seem justified after knowing the finally season of your football career will begin at the very place it began; the place you loved and loved you. But One Arrowhead Drive wasn’t just a place of employment and Kansas City wasn’t just a place of residence to hang your hat. As you found out, after being drafted by the Chiefs, Kansas City was a home that cared deeply for the same sport you play. It must’ve sunk in when you heard the roaring unison of a crowd of 70,000 devoted fans replace ‘brave’ in the last line of the national anthem with ‘Chiefs’. In that, you rewarded us with memories of a career every football should embody. Because you love the game. Because we love the game. So when entering the red tunnel for the final time on the opposite side of the field, the butterflies and memories must’ve been unreal. And like on that first game, you heard the roar of 70,000 fans. This time they chanted “TONY! TONY! TONY…” Blowing kisses out to the crowd, I remembered the great and exciting games you gave us; only wishing I had attended a home game while your were a Chief. Nonetheless, this city admires greatness and the greatness that you gave to this team. I can only imagine our current team wondering. “Wow. They LOVE Tony.” And we do. Good luck on the ring, Mr. Gonzalez, the future hall of famer.


Your thoughts?

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