Spec Ops:The Line review

Look, I’m just going to go right in with this. There is no war shooter like this on the market story wise. I mean that from the bottom of my soul. I’m gonna try to stay as spoiler free as possible. There is grit and gore in this game that have never been conveyed like this before. And I don’t mean gore as in heads come off or you chainsaw someone, Ala Gears of War. I’m meaning in the same lane as the airport scene in Modern Warfare 2. I’m talking, you’re walking through a corridor and see roughly a hundred people dead with pillow cases taped over their heads. I’m talking on an emotional level, this game is GRIPPING. After a couple of decisions in this game, I actually was questioning if I was actually  the good guy. There’s a reason why its called The Line. Your teetering on it through out this experience.

There are some Cons:

-The graphics are not top notch.

-And there’s an issue with the controls. They made the button that you vault over cover the same button as melee. So there will be times were you’re trying to jump the wall and you’re just standing still swinging.

The good things.

-Again.. THE STORY.

-The animation and inclusion of the sand. It kills people, it blinds you. It almost deserves to be in the end credits.

-The scarceness of the ammo (really makes the fire fights intense).

Conclusion. This is well worth 60$ to me. BUY IT.


Your thoughts?

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