E3 2012 (A Late Look)

Yea, I know I’m crazy late. Honestly I was a little disgusted with E3 this year, so I wasn’t gonna bother writing anything. I just got into the mood to pass my rant on, since I was debating with a friend about it.

I feel like E3 was a disappointment this year. What happened to the old E3 conferences where they had earth shattering announcements? “Here’s a console!” No, instead, now it’s become some kind of corny thing where they announce stuff we’ve already known about for months. They have Usher perform for some game that a gamer doesn’t even care about. Hell, not many gamers like Usher in the first place.

Now don’t get me wrong, there was some cool s*** there, but I felt like they were few and far between.

What i liked:

-Madden 13′ looks ill with the new motion blur.

-Tomb Raider

-Splinter Cell: Blacklist

-Halo 4 (wow)

-Resident Evil 6

-South Park

-Watchdogs (Phenom!)

The s*** I hated:

-Smart Glass. This has to be a joke, right? Now the “picking my Madden plays” angle seems ok. But do I really want to put down the controller, pick up a tablet or smartphone, pick my play then go for the controller again……….? No. Do I want to,while watching a movie, pick up the same devices and get info on what I’m watching? No. Do the Microsoft guys not have IMBD? Do i want to sit on my couch, fire up the TV… then the Xbox… then my tablet/smartphone to control a browser on my screen No. My tablet/smartphone already has a browser. I know what they are trying to do, they want to try to make Wii U irrelevant by letting you get almost the same experience. The Wii U touch screen IS a controller.Microsoft please stop.

-Wii U. There are so many things wrong with this system than it makes me angry when I even type it. First. How do you drop a new console, and offer people two games that everyone on the planet has beaten months ago?

Then Nintendo, you tell people that you cant run the system at 60 FPS if there’s two of those U pads  hooked up it only runs at 30. THEN you say, well 4 people can play that Mario and a 5th  person can use your fancy Pad to create blocks for the other 4 players to jump on………… NAH! SERIOUSLY?

Smh. Maybe next year when they announce Ps4 and the 720 it’ll be cooler but….


One response to “E3 2012 (A Late Look)

  1. I feel ya; I ended up not posting about E3 because I just felt like it was so lackluster. And particularly because with all the hype surrounding Aisha Tyler being “a real gamer” or whatever that nonsense Internet fight was after the Ubisoft event, everyone missed the real point: she was just an obnoxious presenter.

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