Prometheus review

So, I saw Prometheus this week.

First off. It absolutely is a prequel to the Aliens franchise. A brilliant little marketing ploy to go back and forth with the “Is it a prequel, Nah its not” thing.

It was really dope. Very nice as a stand alone Sci fi thriller even without the tie in to Aliens. As a matter of fact the tie ins actually felt a little tacked on. Just a little tho.

The 3d was well worth the extra couple of bucks. They didn’t do the “hey I’m coming at you” thing. They used it more like Avatar where it kind of gave the world some scale. Made you feel embedded in it. The two hologram scenes were shot really well with it.

Story wise it still left me with a few questions. It did kind of fill you in from some unexplained things from Alien. But the movie itself left new questions. I honestly plan on seeing it again just to make sure I didn’t miss something.

My final verdict is to go see it in the the theater. Its dope and I don’t feel you would have to have seen Aliens to enjoy it. Nor do I think you have to be a big Alien fan before hand. It has motivated me to re-watch (at least) the first two Aliens.


Your thoughts?

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