Ghost Recon: Future Soldier review

This was my first time digging into one of the Ghost Recon titles even though I’m a Tom Clancy fan. I don’t know how that happened but…

First off, graphically this game is gorgeous. From the “adaptive camo” on… But there are parts were you see some slight texture issues but trust me, it wont dampen your experience overall. you first notice the texture issue when you start up the game and see the opening sequence. But then the first time you see the “adaptive camo” your eyes get big.

Game play wise its very solid. How they kept this storyline at a grounded/believable premise, even tho you have some sci-fi technology is beyond me but it works. The tactical strategy of this game is some of the best I’ve seen. You have to really plan out how to attack or not to attack your enemies to progress through these levels.


Your thoughts?

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