Resident Evil 6 trailer impressions.

I have to admit when I first heard that Capcom was doing a RE6 I was jaded. I was HIGHLY disappointed by RE5 because i honestly felt that it wasn’t even better than RE4. I felt like they just changed the franchise to much. Started putting together more of an action experience than putting out a Survival-horror game, a genre in which they were supposed to be the architects. I mean, I’ve been playing Resident since the beginning. I remember how it took me days to beat Code Veronica, and how many weeks I played RE4 and still never beat it… and then RE5 dropped and i beat it over a weekend? C’mon.

Matter of fact, saving Super Streetfighter 4, its variants, and Street fighter x Tekken, I’ve been totally “ho-hum’ about the company since. (I’ll save my thoughts on how they f***ed MvsC3 up for a different entry) But, with RE6/Dragon’s Dogma, it appears Capcom is poised for a good year. It seems they are taking it back to their “play this with the lights off”, roots!

Your thoughts?

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