Dragon’s Dogma review

First of all I’d like to note that I’m proud of Capcom for trying to jump into the RPG genre. They are pretty successful in the survival horror ring so I’m glad that they decided to try something else.

This game is actually kinda dope despite all the low scores i saw around the net. It bites some things from other RPGs and adds some new things. It has the difficulty level of Darksouls (well maybe not that hard), and the world is as big as Skyrim. It also has huge enemies like Lost Planet.

They have a Pawn system were you can download your friends character, or you can use a cpu generated one, to flesh out your party. The pawns have a pretty good AI system that has them act independently during fights. It essentially makes you feel like your playing an MMO. You actually create your main Pawn toward the beginning of the game, name and all.

What I liked:

The first 20 minute “flashback”.

The Pawn system

The fighting system. Might be my favorite among Action RPGs

How big the world is

The scamper to find a shelter at night.

What I hated:

The story is kinda corny…. Nah, it’s just bad.

The textures suck.

The glitches (lots of them)

The voice acting. (I’m sure PBS has better actors with the ability to pull off that accent)

Final thoughts:

I wouldn’t say that this game is worth a 60$ purchase. i means  its cool and you get kind of hooked into it while leveling your character. If you can get this used for 40$ its well worth it. There are just to many REALLY good games out there like this that are better.


Your thoughts?

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