Avengers 2 (who we want to see in it)

Just as most of my posts are spawned, me and a homie had a back and forth about who we thought would be ill in the next Avengers and who they actually would put in it. So this list is a combination there of…


With Thanos supposedly being the villain in the next one, we figured the characters they pick would have to be pretty powerful. They would have to tap into some cosmic beings for the Infinite Gauntlet plot line.

*Spoiler ends*

With that, here we go…

10) Wonder Man:

Just hear me out…

They should plug him into one of the other movies as a villain, like Ironman 3 or Captain America 2. Then turn him over to an Avenger. Would be cool huh?

9) Ant-Man:

No brainer.

8) War-Machine:

No brainer here too. We’ve already seen him in Ironman 2. Why not?

7) Fantastic 4 (at least Reed Richards)

I’m not sure if 20th Century Fox still owns the rights to all of them, but this would be cool. Plus I’d like to see a short Thing/Hulk fight.

6) Quick Silver/Scarlet Witch:

Now these guys actually did get converted from heels to good guys by Ironman. So it would be dope for them to be the villains for Ironman 3. Maybe Fury brings them into S.H.I.E.L.D. after. Just PLEASE leave the incestial storyline out… Smh.

5) Ms. Marvel-

I know Marvel is kicking themselves in the ass for the mass integration of their  movie characters. How cool would it be for her to be in Avengers 2, then Rouge get her powers from her in an X-men movie. Smh.

4) Namor-


3) Quasar-

If they go the Infinite Gauntlet route they have to use him.

2) Vision-

Easily one of my favorite Avengers, though I would rather see the “ghost” version.

1) Dr. Strange-



2 responses to “Avengers 2 (who we want to see in it)

  1. Somw good suggestions. I like the new avengers, all-though they aren’t “cosmic” level fighters they are some of the best characters. Wolverine, Spidey, Luke Cage, Spider Woman… they can carry a pretty expansive plot line so i’m sure they can incorporate a lot of ppl.

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