Max Payne review


I was really excited to play this one because I was a huge fan of part 2. I do remember complaining about the length of it, but I did think the “ride” was worth it. Anywho…

What I liked-

The graphics were incredible. The glitchy effect went over well for me. I’m imagining that it’s meant to convey Max being inebriated with his pain-killers/Jack Daniels cocktail.  I liked how Max wipes sweat away when he’s in cover. Also like how the “continue screen” would give you a background from the level you’re currently on.

The “Kill Cam”. I bet other games start biting this.

What I hated-

The story was pretty shitty. Its like each board is a cliché scene from a 90’s action flick.

The controls feel slightly clunky. (something about switching the weapons I just didn’t like)

Being able to shoot missiles and grenades out of the air. Just plain cheesy.

Verdict- Bargain Bin

I would only get this game if it was on sale for like 25-30$. That is also based on the story mode alone, I didn’t touch the multi-player.


Your thoughts?

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