App Rap (5/24/12)

Got some more for you….

Paper Camera-

If you’re like me you have quite a few camera apps to use pre Instagram upload, or just to make your pictures fly. i ran across this one day on a whim, gives you some dope little sketchy/cartoon-ish filters….














Couple snaps I took right here… It has like 6 filters. It shows you the effect in real-time. On top of that you can shoot video like this! It’s free… DOWNLOAD.

Screeble Lite-

Ok, I got real tired of trying to read articles and shit on the net and my screen would timeout. You know that struggle, you have to keep tapping the screen so it doesn’t… no more my friend.

Screeble uses your accelerometer to measure if your phone is at any angle so it wont timeout while you’re holding it up. Just set your screen timeout to zero so when you lay your phone down it turns off immediately. Thank me later… DOWNLOAD the free version.

Slideit Keyboard-

This is just a Swype style keyboard that I switched to because it has skins that let you have different color schemes.. It’s for those users, like me,  who if the have a red theme cracking on their phone, they want a red keyboard to round things out. It’s 3.99… DOWNLOAD it.


Your thoughts?

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