New announce team for Madden 13′


It seems as if we’ll be getting a new broadcast team in the booth in NFL Madden 13’…

Phil Simms and Jim Nantz take over the play-by-play as Gus Johnson and Cris Collinsworth are out. The rumors and pictures also indicate that they will be shown in sky box type booth, customized to each stadium.

I personally am upset about this because I enjoyed Gus. He has only been in for two years. Why change now? I know sometimes his play calls seemed overreacted and out-of-place but… Why change out his exciting commentary to go flat with this new duo?

What do you think?


One response to “New announce team for Madden 13′

  1. I agree completely!!! The one thing that adds dimension and involvement in today’s sports is an equal amount of exciting commentary. Eliminating Chris C. was a good move, but adding Gus to the 86ed list was a bit much. Eversince the departure of John Madden from the commentary, madden lacked that extra ‘boom’ as J. Madden would say. Gus has provided the missing component we missed from Madden. While I’ve never been a fan of Phil Simms in the booth, I’ll be open to change….but only for the better.

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