Top 10 fighting games!

I had a small debate on Twitter the other day about which fighter was the best, so I decided I would sit down and compile my list of the greatest.
Let’s go…

10) King of Fighters XIII:

Cause its dope… try it!

I actually had this tied with KOF 98′, this one wins over it only cause it’s the current gen version.

9) Tekken 6:

Tekken almost missed my list all together. Alas… the last entry had like a 100 characters on it so I had some fun with it.

8) Virtua Fighter 5:

Now I understand that a lot of people find Virtua boring, but i give it the nod just because it’s so deep mechanic wise…

7) Marvel vs SNK 2:

A Dreamcast Classic here… This had the first appearance of Rock (Gesse Howard’s son), well at least state side it was.

6)Soul Calibur IV:

Deep roster, introduced new characters, Create-A-Fighter mode, Vader? EASY. I didn’t put part 5 here only because they shrank the roster. I dig the new “super moves” but…. nah.

5) Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition:

They went back to the 2D format and showed us why we loved Mortal in the first place. A lot of people bug out because of Freddie but I think he’s corny. *shoulder shrug* Believe it or not the Story mode is pretty sick too… basically rebooted the entire timeline.

4) Dead or Alive 4:

I would go ahead and put DOA5 here because I know what kinda product Tecmo is running over there. But since its not out, I’ll be fair. Not a lot of negatives with this entry, destructive environments, 3-4 part throws, a very easy countering system… GREATNESS.

3)Street Fighter Alpha 3:

The entire Alpha series was top-notch but 3 gets the nod because of roster depth. (noticing a trend here?) Plus they had the thing where you could pick which mode your character was,  essentially playing with your fighter plucked straight from any of the 3 Alphas.

2)Marvel vs Capcom 2:

I still remember the first time i brought this and my Dreamcast over to my boys spot. Smh. BLEW THEIR MINDS. Now understand, I didn’t put 3 here because compared to this its shitty. Bigger roster! If part 3 would have dropped and had like 100 characters I would have been pleased. You can’t have a fighter with like 60 characters (I’m guessing), then drop a sequel with only 30… Its hustling backwards.

1)Street Fighter 4 AE (the entire series!):

Unless you’re a 90s baby or something you know why this is here. SF is and probably always will be, end all, be all of the fighting genre.

Honorable mentions:

Power Stone:

Samurai Showdown V:


Bushido Blade:

BlazBlu / Guilty Gear:


6 responses to “Top 10 fighting games!

  1. I love this list. Street Fighter 4 is the updated and superior version of Street Fighter 2 and all of it’s various off shoots, which could have easily made this list. I’m also really digging Street Fighter X Tekken. Its right up there with SF4, being that it uses practically the same engine. Also, Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm: Generations, which is a 72 person fighter with customized power ups through the collection of cards, a support system, wicked online battle and did I mention 72 characters. You should check it out if you haven’t yet.

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    • Originally I had Armageddon in but, then 9 came out. I liked the return to 2d more than the 3d w/ weapons thing they were doing.

      As for the EX series. I found them fun but they aren’t even in my top 20 fighters all time. I liked them though.

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