Yo… (Intro)

Welcome to Stuck Button,

If you haven’t already, read my “About” section to get a little history on why I do this.

I’m working on the structure of this site so bear with me. The plan is to have like 4/5 sections…

Movie/ Game reviews, this will be two different sections. I haven’t really worked out a gauged rating system yet but, again, work with me. Also as far as games, I’ll only be working with the 360, Wii and mobile games (Android/ DS). I also plan on retiring from game reviews when the 360 dies.

The Stoop section is just gonna be a blended section for my opinions on things, and hopefully get some feedback and debates brewing. There will also be podcasts at some point of me and my fiends debates over subjects. You know, what n¡ggas do when they stoop. Kinda like Barber shop debates without the pushup competitions.

This/ That section will just be an information section, technology mostly. I’ll have an ongoing thing called “App Rap” (within that), where I give you the skinny on what Droid apps are Dope to me.

Ride with me. Enjoy.


Your thoughts?

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