Avengers (2012)

The Avengers flick was incredible. Now understand… I grade comic book adaptations on a whole different scale then other movies. I really went in doubting it. Especially since I wasn’t really happy with Captain America nor Thor. With Joss Whedon on the pen and behind the camera, I shouldn’t have. My complaints were slim to none, and that’s just because I was nit picking. I’m an ex comic book nerd so…
My complaints:
A couple of the jokes were corny. Didn’t like Hulk being pushed as a monkey type humanoid toward the end.
There’s a plot hole that I can’t see past. How is Hulk, just all of a sudden, gonna have the mental capacity to work with a team, when earlier he was just trying to kill all of them?
Make sure you stay for the extra scene. Theres actually a second one at the very, very end credits but it’s just a little fanfare joke.


2 responses to “Avengers (2012)

  1. All points are noted and are valid. I went in doubting as well, but was waiting….and waiting….and waiting, but for what? Maybe more destruction. Maybe for Stan’s inevitable cameo. Whatever it was, I found myself being pushed from one fight to the next. Not necessarily a bad thing, but when I’m left expecting more, these actions movies tend to fall flat to me. But the ‘surprise’ did leave me wanting to wait for the exciting conclusion….not the last surprise after the credits; even though I got the joke

    • So you didn’t like it Blaze? I understand the typical action movie stance were you’re waiting fight to fight, but this movie had very witty dialog between… Top shelf if you ask me.
      I actually can debate this movie as best comic book adaptation ever. At least better than First Class, which I thought was brilliant.

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