App Rap.

I looked through my phone last night and realized that I was teetering around 200 apps. After giggling in shame about my gluttony, I started uninstalling. With that, I got inspired for a piece- I’m gonna hit you with the apps that I feel are either cool as hell or a life necessity.  Lets go!

After Focus.

After Istagram dropped for Android, I immediately noticed we didn’t get that one fly ass filters that the iPhone kids have.

See this? I want to be able to Instagram my pix like this. So after some research, I found After Focus. It lets you apply that dope, little 3D effect to your pix and then you upload to Instagram when you’re done. Apple can’t keep us from greatness! It’s free. Grab it here. Download.


I dug the layout of this nice, little music player called n7player.  The bad news is that it begins as a 14 day trial then requires you to pay $2.50 to keep it. It’s worth it to me… even though there are ways around that.  But for the legal version, here it is.  Download.


Now this app here is genius.  RunPee is a movie app that tells you when the best time is, during a movie, to go take a leak.  In my opinion, it’s more essential for the ladies than the men. Just find the movie your going to see, start the timer when the opening credits start, then it will give you a cue for what scene you can afford to miss. It even sets an alarm and gives a summary of what’s going on in the movie (what you’ll be missing).  Stoke of genius!

Head over to the Play Store to get it for free. Download.


Your thoughts?

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